As vaccinations become more available, and as the guidelines for access include more of us, we are each faced with the question of whether or not to receive the vaccination shot. We all make decisions like this based on a variety of factors including our individual health, personal faith or beliefs, environmental factors, and access to name just a few. Sometimes it’s not easy, and it helps if we can evaluate our options based on trusted information.

Because health is a cornerstone of Head Start’s commitment to children and their families, Head Start California has been partnering with the Region 9 Head Start Association in the “Every Shot Counts” campaign, to ensure our Head Start families and staff have access to trusted information about the efficacy and effectiveness of the vaccines. This information continues to evolve, and we encourage everyone to avail themselves of these resources so that you can be as informed as possible to make the best possible decisions for you and your family. For a year now, the pandemic has kept many of us quarantined, and the isolation has been real. But we are still connected. We are inter-independent: we each have a degree of freedom, and our choices impact those around us. The more we know, the better equipped we are to make choices that are best for our family and for our community.


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